Hamza Raid
, born and raised on the 18th May, 1993, in El Kelaa des Sghrana., is a Morrocan rapper better known by his stage name « Raid ». He started expressing interest in Rap and Hip Hop from a young age, being influcend by the well know algerian rap group MBS. He wrote his first rap song in 2006 saving his texts for himself and ended up venturing into a musical career in 2015, by releasing the first official Mixtape he called « AéorpageV1 », composed of 12 rap songs, including two featurings with 15-3 and L’morphine, succeeded one year later by a Maxi tittled « Blood and Beauty », composed of 4 songs and one featured with 15-3. Hamza growing up in el Kalaa, spent much of his time in that small city where 70% live below poverty line, the thing that pushed him to express his disagreement to the norms of the governing system b in his texts, reflecting the misery of a whole Morrocan generation based on his own experiences. Its verses are heavy with meaning, combined to a great flow, and special instrumentals, the whole gives an exceptional touch.

In 2015, L’morphine encouraged Raid to record his first single “Fuck off” and suggested to host the whole thing by uploading it on his YouTube channel. That was the first time, where Raid’s name was repeated over and over.. what a successful work. After that, writing and recording seemed to be much easier for Raid, since he could attract the audience with the most powerful messages throughout rythmes and punchlines. Later on the second version of “Fuck off” was released which was also successful and now he is working on his third mixtape “Aèorpage V2”

Besides music, Hamza is a very hardworking student, he obtained a BA in mathematical sciences in 2011 and holds a MA degree in economics and development from one of the best universities in Morocco Cadi Ayyad, and he’s a now a teacher at one of the schools at the Atlas, a region known by its poverty, and remain forgotten, most of people there die from cold, lack of public transports and basic rights to live. That was a big motivation for him to do his best helping Atlas innocent kids who walk miles and miles to reach school everyday, and do his best to make some concrete change on the ground.
Moreover Raid is a high level athlete since he’s a international rugby player and also a part of WASK rugby team since 2007, 4 times morrocan champion ( 2007- 2012- 2014-2017 ), and throne cup winner (2014).
All this mixture of Raid’s different aspects gave us one of the greatest rappers in Morocco whom still have a lot to achieve, and many surprises are still yet to come